power rankings: sweets on the side

Coffee and a donut. Coffee and a danish. Coffee and a biscotti. Nothing elevates a terrific coffee, particularly after a meal, than serving it with a baked goodie. Particularly true for specialty coffees, and luckily many cafes offer a wide selection of tempting sugary goodness. If they broadcast having a pastry chef, you are really in luck. Shoutout to the affogato, but we’re talking coffee sidekicks that you can hold in one hand.

Here is one person’s ranking of the best choices to enjoy with your cappuccino/macchiato/latte/espresso/americano/etc. My faves are, naturally, weighted toward my geographic area. As always these things are purely subjective and your mileage may vary.

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coffee! donuts! coffee *and* donuts!!!

It should be pretty obvious that I love good coffee. I also love donuts. I’m certainly not the only one to feel this way, and definitely not the only one to love them together. Sweets balancing out a great cup of coffee is always a treat, and for whatever reason the soft and chewy mix of yeasty dough and a million tons of sugar makes for the best complement.

I thought about this when I found myself standing in a block-long line the other morning for 45 minutes in 350 F weather. I was there to buy donuts.

we’ll come back to this image in a few minutes

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stopping by my favorite

I was passing through New York early this morning on my way north, so of course I stopped by La Casa.

While Anna was making my macchiato I noticed some donuts on the counter that looked pretty good, but I wasn’t sure of the filling so I asked if they were chocolate or jelly. She said some were Nutella, some were creme. I said no thanks, I prefer jelly. Anna shot me a look, let me know in no uncertain terms that they were Italian, not American, and told me I should try them. All done politely but in a manner that made things quite clear I had no choice.

That creme was delicious, and my son (who was asleep in the car at the time) enjoyed the Nutella.

Anna knows what she’s talking about.