I don’t usually do an update on a post the day after putting it out, but in this case dramatic new developments warrant it.

Following up on yesterday’s post on baked goods to have with coffee, I had lunch today at Northside Social and was relieved to see what looked to be the cherry blossom pop tart in the display case. But the sign told a different tale.


Basically taking the cherry blossom version and replacing the innards with an apple pie filling. Have to admit from the name I was looking forward to a mixed apple and cherry filling, but nonetheless this was delicious. It’s basically a fantastic apple pie shrunk down to fit in your hand. Same issue of being a bit too much for dessert or accompanying a coffee, but why quibble when it tastes so good.

In a Pop Tart world where the Cherry Blossom Pop Tart never existed this would be our new king, but alas the throne eludes our Cherry Apple because as good as the filling is, it’s no match for the innards of the cherry blossom.

My sources in the café (thanks, Kelly!) tell me that the Cherry Apple is replacing the Cherry Blossom, unfortunately, and that mystery herb in the Cherry Blossom was…… basil! Huh, didn’t see that coming.

power rankings: sweets on the side

Coffee and a donut. Coffee and a danish. Coffee and a biscotti. Nothing elevates a terrific coffee, particularly after a meal, than serving it with a baked goodie. Particularly true for specialty coffees, and luckily many cafes offer a wide selection of tempting sugary goodness. If they broadcast having a pastry chef, you are really in luck. Shoutout to the affogato, but we’re talking coffee sidekicks that you can hold in one hand.

Here is one person’s ranking of the best choices to enjoy with your cappuccino/macchiato/latte/espresso/americano/etc. My faves are, naturally, weighted toward my geographic area. As always these things are purely subjective and your mileage may vary.

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