I’m the one on the right

It should be pretty obvious by now, but I love coffee.

I also love sports, traveling, comedy, music, my dog, my friends, and my family.  Not necessarily in that order.

I live in the Washington, DC area. For a long time I worked for the World Bank group. For a good portion of that time I lived overseas, with stints in Bangkok, Istanbul, Hong Kong and New Delhi. 

I’m now doing something completely different, working in college athletics administration.  I’m just getting my foot in the door and for now am on a part-time basis, but it’s following my real passion.  And the part-time aspect leaves me with way too much time on my hands, so this helps.

That’s a bit about me, so more about this blog…..

There’s not really any deep story behind what’s going on here, it’s more or less WYSIWYG.  My first post was pretty much the origin story, not a lot to add so far as how this recent (and highly questionable) idea came to fruition.

Not to make this sound like more than it’s worth, but I’m doing this mainly for shits and giggles and to keep myself out of trouble. I’m not interested in trying to make any money out of this, so no ads.  If I mention a shop or a piece of gear or some other product, I’ll link to it out of convenience in case anyone out there reads this and is interested to learn more, but I’m not getting paid any kind of referral fees.  So I may be giving up the opportunity to earn untold riches pennies each year, but I think I’ll do okay without it.

One final point, which I’ve made in posts and will continue to repeat from time to time: taste is subjective, and I’m in no way, shape or form claiming any level of expertise.  Your mileage may vary.