fussy & pretentious man, myth, legend

The New York Times‘ occasional Culinary Arts animated feature recently took on British coffee genius and YouTube star James Hoffmann. It was an interesting and visually arresting look into Hoffmann’s appeal and his path to coffee stardom.

One panel caught my eye, as it included Hoffmann’s French press recipe.

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The Matty Macchiato 4th Annual Holiday Gift Guide

tick tick tick

This year I’m taking a slightly different approach to my previous gift guides (2018, 2019, and 2020). While some of the models may have been replaced by newer iterations, pretty much all the recommended items in those posts would still make for great gifts. This version, however, is for those of you who just thought, “Oh $#%@!, it’s five days to Christmas and I haven’t written my annual gift guide post finished my shopping yet!”

So if the calendar is not your friend, supply chain worries are making you pull out your hair, and you’ve got a coffee lover in your life, here are a few suggestions.

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sorry to be so quiet lately

The current lack of blog activity has been due mainly to being laid up for the past two and a half week after surgery on my big toe. So I’m using crutches when not riding this bad boy,

please try to contain your jealousy

but at least for the time being I’m able to avail of accessible parking and seating, like at this past weekend’s New Zealand – USA rugby match:

the Haka; final score, NZ 104, USA 14

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