A dear friend sent this my way recently, and I couldn’t agree more.

from Happify Daily (

Looking forward to the day when this becomes much more possible. Oh, and they forgot to mention one very important piece of guidance: remember to tip your barista. Generously.

pardon me while I keep beating the drum

Hana Kaneshige (L) and Jenna Gotthelf of Counter Culture. photo by Sprudge

Continuing my one-man campaign for better awareness, appreciation and treatment of baristas…..

Please read this article from Sprudge, about the efforts of two Counter Culture educators to get data on a living wage for baristas.

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…..and they’re always glad you came

Cheers photo montage from GQ Magazine

One of the many benefits of frequenting independent cafes and smaller chains over the behemoths is that the warmth and sense of community you can find in those places is far better than the erzatz comfort and faux fellowship engendered by the layout of your local Starbucks.

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