loving coffee in the time of COVID-19

As we transition into what we all hope will be a temporary new normal, it’s natural to expect an impact on cafes and the coffee industry as is the case with pretty much every business in every industry.

Here are a few changes that have already happened:

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a great read that’s not just about coffee

For those who read the report of my visit to Dublin last summer, you may recall my regret at not picking up a copy of Colin Harmon’s book, What I Know About Running Coffee Shops when I stopped at 3fe. I rectified that this week by downloading the Kindle edition, and I’m very glad I did.

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field report: Dublin

When you think of the Irish and what they drink, I’d wager coffee won’t be the first thing that will come to mind, it probably won’t be in the top five. But the millions who visit the Irish capital every year will find a great emerging specialty coffee scene. Keep your eyes out for a free foldout map to specialty cafes (we found one in The Fumbally), which is very helpful as you wander the city. Here’s a look at the places I enjoyed on a recent visit.

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