a great read that’s not just about coffee

For those who read the report of my visit to Dublin last summer, you may recall my regret at not picking up a copy of Colin Harmon’s book, What I Know About Running Coffee Shops when I stopped at 3fe. I rectified that this week by downloading the Kindle edition, and I’m very glad I did.

It was a quick read, highly enjoyable, and a great guide not just to running a coffee shop, or running a business for that matter, but how to deal with people in general. Highest recommendation; chances are if you’re reading this you have at least a passing interest in coffee, so you’ll have that as a hook, but even if you don’t I’d still say you should give it a shot. I’m no fan of management books, but this is the clearest one you’ll ever read.

I know myself far too well to entertain any notion of opening my own coffee shop, and the book certainly reinforced that for me. But I did see a few things a little differently on my coffee runs this week after reading it.

The book has been released in several countries, so with a little digging you can find it in hard copy. Easier (and definitely more affordable) route is to get it by Kindle, as I did.

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Kindle pages: US UK Australia Canada

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