happy birthday to…. us!

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This week marks 5 years of Matty Macchiato. This will be the 287th published post, and I’m still surprised that anyone reads this silly little blog. I’m glad it’s given me the impetus to learn more about coffee, to seek out coffee when I travel (with apologies to my incredibly patient family), and to conquer my introversion among strangers enough to chat with baristas instead of looking at my phone and avoiding eye contact.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me and taken an interest in whatever it is I’m doing here, particularly my wonderful and extremely patient wife and kids. I greatly appreciate it! You all earn the Coveted *Asterisk of Quality.TM

2 thoughts on “happy birthday to…. us!”

  1. Happy 5th Birthday! 5 years, wow! I remember when you first told me you were launching it.

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