The Matty Macchiato 5th Annual Holiday Gift Guide: Part I

So two weeks before Christmas may be a little late to be much help. Remember, if something doesn’t arrive in time you can always print a picture and let them know their present is on the way! Or start normalizing New Year’s gifts.

If for some reason you’d prefer well-written professional writing and images – can’t imagine why – many quality coffee roasters have added holiday gift guides to their websites. You should also check out Counter Culture Coffee’s staff recommendations page for recommendations on the best gear for making great coffee at home.

Many of these are repeats from past guides, but I’ve tried as much as possible to find new/different/improved versions. Okay, let’s go.

Swag ’em up
Everybody loves swag, whether it represents their favorite sports team, beer, or coffee roaster/café. Our beloved Little Red Fox tee is no longer available, but here are some awesome pieces of branded merch from coffee world.

Verve Coffee Roasters Fuego Pocket Tee, regularly $25, currently on sale for $13(!)
The mullet of coffee tees: all business in the front and all party in the back.

Red Rooster Coffee Unisex Vintage Thermal Long Sleeve Tee, shown in navy, $26

Coava Coffee Roasters Rose T-Shirt, shown in black, $20

Ruby Coffee Roasters Pattern T-Shirt, in red or black, $22

Madcap Coffee To-Go Tee, $20

Everybody loves winter beanies these days, and every brand is selling their own version. Pittsburgh’s De Fer Coffee & Tea has a collection featuring one of the best designs you’ll ever see. Rooster Beanie, $29, in gray, blue, or green (black no longer available)

Good Coffee Beanie, $25

Vigilante Coffee Dad Hat, black, $17

Greater Goods Coffee Co. Trucker Hat, $27

Olympia Coffee Critter Hat, $29.99

Swag You Didn’t Know You Needed (But You Do)
Red Rooster Coffee World’s Least Bad Coffee pin, $4

High Five Coffee Fanny Pack, $20

Tandem Coffee Tandem-Demerbox Collab portable speaker system, $225

Verve Coffee Motel Key Chains, available in 8 colors, $5 each. Six of the tabs tie into Verve’s coffee blends.

Rook Coffee Cold Brew Cup Dog Toy, $15

Come back tomorrow for Part II.

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