sorry to be so quiet lately

The current lack of blog activity has been due mainly to being laid up for the past two and a half week after surgery on my big toe. So I’m using crutches when not riding this bad boy,

please try to contain your jealousy

but at least for the time being I’m able to avail of accessible parking and seating, like at this past weekend’s New Zealand – USA rugby match:

the Haka; final score, NZ 104, USA 14

And now I’m part cyborg!

So my mobility is a little crimped, which has cut back on my coffee related fun. But it’s not all doom and gloom. My wonderful family has been incredibly helpful and supportive, I haven’t had any pain since the first few days post-op, I’m able to get in to work, and because it’s my left food I’m able to drive.

Kudos to my friends at Northside Social, as their Arlington location is aces for accessibility: surface parking lot, curb cut well placed, no steps to get in, doors open easily, and enough room to get around easily even when it’s busy. Otherwise I haven’t been able to get to coffee shops as much as usual, so I’ve been having a lot of La Colombe‘s cold brew (black/unsweetened – the deli across the street from work stocks it), which is pretty decent.

Hoping to shift to a walking boot tomorrow, which will greatly improve things. One thing I’m looking forward to is making some espresso at home, as I’m itching to try some beans I ordered from premium Norwegian roaster Tim Wendelboe, as well as a bag of beans from Vermont’s Brio Coffeeworks, which a colleague kindly gave me recently.

One thought on “sorry to be so quiet lately”

  1. Hey Matt – WTF?? More importantly, happy you got it fixed as it looks pretty nasty. You must be looking forward to dealing with airport security…don’t delete that X-ray anytime soon…sigh…at least you got cool transport with a carrier, no less. Now that, I could get jealous about but I won’t.
    Stay safe and heal. Hugs my friend. xojo

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