trying to catch up

Between being off my feet for a while and having to get my grinder serviced, I hadn’t made espresso at home for about a month and a half. Finally got a chance yesterday, and I was a little surprised that I had to work to remember some of the steps. But my first effort I thought was decent as far as the milk art goes.

It was also my first time making beans from Tim Wendelboe, a Norwegian roaster who supplies a lot of fine coffee shops across Europe. I was very impressed, the flavor was smooth and balanced, without the burnt taste of overroasting or the sourness that can accompany some Third Wave coffees. The beans were a two-bean blend from the Finca Tamana plantation in Colombia, you can read the whole story of Wendelboe’s relationship with the farm here.

The pricing wasn’t terrible for being shipped from Norway, though the bag only contained 250 grams of beans. Still worth it.

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