Tom Petty’s Perfect Cup of Coffee

Warren Zanes, Tom Petty’s biographer, has written a piece in Rolling Stone which captures their relationship, Zanes’ sense of less since Petty’s passing, and tells an awful lot about the kind of person Tom Petty was.

I absolutely loved the long story about Petty’s relationship with coffee. I’ll save any spoilers of the details, but encourage you to read it for yourself.  He came at coffee in a much different way than I do, but oh do I love his passion.

I figure it’s well neigh impossible to write a blog post about Tom Petty without including one of his songs. I never considered myself a fan as such, but I always found him interesting and after his passing realized just how much his rich catalog has contributed to the soundtrack of my life.  Also, his appearances in the late 80s playing a fictionalized version of himself on It’s Garry Shandling’s Show have always stuck with me.

Anyway, here’s a couple of my favorites.

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