the Swiss are monsters


All I know is that when/if I finally get around to throwing together my doomsday go-bag, there’s going to be a second one with my KeepCup, Aeropress, hand grinder, and a ton of quality coffee beans.

coffee may not improve your jumper, but….

Here’s an interesting article on NBA athletes trying to boost their game by drinking coffee before tip-off. I’ve heard before of people trying an espresso shot before working out, but not this kind of pregame pick-me-up.

A lot of it makes sense, and I’m also glad to see any move away from the poison of “energy drinks.” Figures that Portland would be one of the franchises driving the trend, given it’s geographically the most remote franchise, as well as a hotbed for high-quality coffee.

mini review: Blue Bottle Coffee, Georgetown

see my Georgetown field report

Blue Bottle, a roaster and cafe operator founded in Oakland, California, is a leading player in coffee’s third wave. It has grown significantly since raising capital from private equity investors, and global food megaconglomerate Nestlé now owns a majority stake in the company. 

What was once a spunky little indie now is a growing global presence, with stores in California, New York, DC, Miami, Boston, Japan, and soon South Korea. But unlike certain other global coffee chains (cough cough), you’ll still get an amazing coffee from Blue Bottle.

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mini review: Bluestone Lane

update 8/9/2021: Georgetown location now closed; five other outlets open in DC

see my Georgetown field report

Just below the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street, Georgetown’s commercial ground zero, you’ll find a handsome spot serving delicious coffee.  This old brick building, originally a firehouse, is the home of the Georgetown outlet of Bluestone Lane, a New York coffee roaster and cafe operator which seeks to replicate the coffee culture of Melbourne, Australia.  Bluestone Lane can be found in New York, Philadelphia, California, and DC.

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Matty’s Holiday Coffee Gift Guide

this is the original 2018 version; also see my 2019 holiday gift guide

You can do better than a Starbucks gift card. 

Here are a few suggestions for showing a little holiday love to the coffee drinker in your life.  Prices are as of this date and, like much in life, subject to change. Shop around for best deals.

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