happy birthday to us!

Today marks exactly one year since I started this wee little mediocrity. I’ve enjoyed it far more than I thought I would, and hope I can manage to keep this going for a while. Thank yous all around, especially to my good friend who gave me the idea and encouragement to start this; to the people who take the time to read my stuff regularly or occasionally or whenever and however they stumble upon it; to the kindhearted folks who give me feedback and encouragement; to my family, for indulging my coffee obsession and compulsion to share about it; and even to the entities (human or otherwise) who trap on the consecutive usage of the letters see-bee-dee and mistake me for a cannabinoid seller who can do all kinds of amazing things with just a little professional help on my search engine optimization. Here’s to many more great coffees, discoveries of wonderful cafes and the fine people who run them, new travels, and continued appreciation that taste is a very subjective thing and at the end of the day your mileage may vary.