Salt & Pepper Diner songs of the day for 3/18

I haven’t tapped the cranial jukebox for a while, so thought I would share a song. The only problem is several candidates occurred to me and I couldn’t pick just one. So let’s stock up, shall we?

Fact: 98% of people over the age of 21 are incapable of resisting the urge to sing along – loudly – when they hear this song. It’s science! Back when we used these shiny things called “CDs” to listen to music, the Hot Fuss album got an awful lot of play in our car.

Matthew Sweet is criminally underrated. Why didn’t this guy become a much bigger deal? Should have been a huge star after the Girlfriend album. This one isn’t off Girlfriend but is equal to all the great songs on that one. I know everyone claims their twenties was the era of the best. music. ever. But man, we were completely spoiled in the ’90s with so much amazing music.

I really enjoyed this one when it was in heavy rotation on what we innocently called indie radio. It wasn’t until years later that I learned the frontman and I went to college together. Great guy, huge talent. His current band is doing some terrific stuff, check them out too.

Love this one musically, but especially for the clever lyrics. Name-checking Jean-Luc Picard of the United Federation of Planets? I’m no Trekkie, but sign me up! The opening stanza also completely justifies this whole post appearing on this blog which is purportedly about coffee:

So just how far down do you want to go
And we could talk it out over
a cup of Joe
And you could look deep into my eyes
Like I was a super-model……. uh-huh

Love love love this. The released single had much of guest Tanya Donnelly’s vocals re-recorded to give her leads back to the band’s singer, due to some record company squabbles. This original is far superior for her greater contributions.

Richard Butler is the front man of the Psychedelic Furs, still touring and putting on great shows well into his 60s. This piece of power pop excellence is from his ’90s side project Love Spit Love. Just terrific stuff.

All evidence to the contrary, but it really is possible for me to enjoy music from the current decade. Here’s one example – I think the kids today would call this a “banger” or tell you that it “slaps.”

This is not me. I swear.

Anyhoo, here’s the video.

Finally, be forewarned. This may be the earwormiest earworm that ever earwormed. At least you’ll enjoy singing along with it as you put it on constant repeat. Just be prepared for people to ask you what you’re humming for the next week or two.

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