new grinders for the home

Coffee obsessives who brew their drinks at home have a couple new options for grinding fresh beans. Both look absolutely terrific.

Moccamaster KM5
If you read my most recent holiday gift guide, you’ll know that Technivorm Moccamaster has some of the best-looking home coffee makers – and they also make cute Christmas tree ornaments.

Moccamaster is rolling out the latest iteration of its line of grinders for the home consumer with the KM5. Moccamaster claims the KM5 complements their coffee brewers in function and design, and seeing them together certainly backs that up.

photos: Moccamaster website

Espresso enthusiasts will need to take a pass, as the KM5’s grind size range serves most brewing styles, including Aeropress, drip coffeemakers, French press, pour over, and cold brew, it but won’t grind finely enough for espresso machines. There is a stepless dial with variations to the nth degree to help you find the different grind sizes you’ll need for the non-espresso universe.

Available in black, white, and silver finishes, the KM5 will be available for on-line sales on April 6, and will retail for $339.

Fellow Opus
Also mentioned in December’s holiday gift guide was the Fellow Ode, also beautiful to look at and, like the KM5, suited to every possible brewing method but espresso. The latest model, the Ode Second Generation, is at a similar price point to the Moccamaster.

Fellow Products has just introduced a new grinder at a more reasonable price point, and with a wider grind size range that welcomes espresso obsessives to the table, with the Opus.

If you’re at all familiar with Fellow’s design aesthetic, it’s no surprise that the Opus looks like a very close cousin to the Ode. Both should take up very little space on your kitchen counter.

Opus (L) and Ode (R); photos: Fellow Products website

The Opus takes a lighter bite out of your wallet, retailing at $195. The folks at Sprudge have given it a test run, and feel it works very well, particularly for its price point. Also featuring a stepless dial allowing very minor grind size adjustments, the Opus can prepare beans for every brewing method, including espresso, making it more versatile than the KM5 and the Ode. The Opus is available for sale on Fellow’s website, and they offer various package options with electric kettles and coffee subscriptions.

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