Happy 2021!

first coffee of the New Year, gotta up my milk art game

Well that was a year, huh?

As we leave the train wreck of a dumpster fire that was 2020 in the rear view, here’s hoping for so many better things in 2021. A return to something approaching normal. Health, the ability to socialize, an improved business environment for cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other small businesses that are taking it on the chin. A return to travel, hugging friends and family outside those who live in your house. Going to the movies. Date night. Sporting events. Seeing live music, theater, ballet, museums. Not worrying about some random chucklehead who can’t figure out how to wear a mask properly, or refuses to wear one at all. To looking at a face covering as a relic of a time that we can’t quite believe actually happened. To a newer, better, more normal normal. And to more great coffee and mediocre blog posts.

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