this may or may not be good

One of my favorite coffee places is Maglianero, in Burlington, VT, as I’ve discussed before. I manage to get there a couple weeks a year, and it feels special to me. So imagine my response to see this yesterday on the Instagram:

That sounds like….. they’re going out of business? Not. Good.

So here’s the deal: Maglianero is being turned over to a local roaster, Kestrel, which will change the name and start using their own beans. Kestrel has already been supplying food to Maglianero, operates another cafe nearby, and from the article seems to have the best intentions to maintain the character of the space and the ethos of the shop.

I really hope they are successful in doing that. I take heart that they aren’t planning big changes in the space, which has been one of the best assets for Maglianero. I haven’t been to Kestrel’s other cafe or tried their beans, so for now my biggest concern is switching out Counter Culture beans for their own. Fingers crossed that it’s good. I’m not sure when I’ll next get to Burlington, but it shouldn’t be for a few months at least so any kinks will hopefully have been worked out.

So a fond farewell to Maglianero, which has been such a tremendous business. And best of luck to Kestrel……. but please. Just don’t screw it up.

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