a very special Salt & Pepper Diner Essential Song of the Day for 9/26

My son and I attended comedy star Mike Birbiglia’s show, The New One, in Washington last night. On the way out Birbiglia was at a table in the lobby, pre-selling the new book he and his wife have written. We look over and see that Birbigs is talking with his pal, comedy star John Mulaney, and Mulaney’s wife, Annamarie Tendler:

In honor of this random brush with greatness the author of the inspiration for this music thing I’ve got going on this here blog, here’s a song I love which shares the name of the city where Mulaney grew up, and is of course the home of the Salt and Pepper Diner. (The preceding may possibly have been the most awkwardly constructed sentence ever written, but I’m hitting enter anyway). Enjoy Sufjan Stevens, folks.

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