La Terza Onda del Caffé

Here’s an interesting story about Italy’s resistance to third wave coffee.

Lots to digest here. I’m a fan of both approaches.

While the traditional Italian model is to take cheap beans and use them to beat you up with a powerful, acidic and not particularly nuanced cup of espresso, when done right it works wonderfully. I remember fondly standing at a Sicilian coffee bar with friends, sucking down a fire-breathing espresso, and loving it, and my favorite coffee is made by a devotee of the traditional Italian methods. Also, I totally get the desire to maintain affordability and the caffé bar experience.

Of course, I also love the result of a talented barista working on a good machine with a flavorful coffee bean that wasn’t roasted within inches of its life.

Here’s hoping Italian caffé culture can find room for the third wave to thrive, without forcing out the traditional approach.

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