mini-review: Takoma Bev Co

On a bucolic commercial block in the DC suburbs which just screams small-town American goodness, you’ll find Takoma Beverage Company, otherwise known as Takoma Bev Co.  This shop has quickly become a mainstay of Takoma Park, MD, a progressive, funky town hard by the DC line.

Opened last year by two cousins, Takoma Bev Co’s lineage traces back to Arlington, VA’s Northside Social (which is my favorite cafe, like, ever).  Seth Cook, one of the founding cousins, was previously Northside’s coffee director. I’m going to try exceptionally hard here not to compare the place to Northside, which would be unfair to Bev Co.

Bev Co is a great coffee shop within a casual yet slightly sophisticated restaurant and bar you wish your neighborhood had.  Two storefronts combined, big windows to the street, tables out on the sidewalk for when the weather cooperates, lots of artwork on the walls.  Lovely details that people spend a lot of money for in their homes, like subway tile, coffered high ceilings, crown molding, tasteful light fixtures. There’s a big, beautiful wooden bar, serving up a variety of beer, wine and mixed drinks, many selected from local artisans. For a year-old business, they’ve hit the jackpot in making the place look like a neighborhood fixture that’s been around since the start of time.

oh, that subway tile! (swoon) outlets on the customers’ side of the bar are a thoughtful touch

When you walk in you first hit the coffee counter.  A lovely La Marzocco machine is fed with beans from Counter Culture (just like Northside!  oops, strike that), and a small selection of interesting baked goods is available.  Service is friendly enough, some staff are more outgoing than others.  The only negative to the space is that, unless you’re going to sit down at one of the tables, there isn’t really a good place to wait for your drink or for the barista to put down the finished product, as the coffee bar runs hard into the bar bar.

I’ve always had excellent coffee here.  The baristas are very skilled and they clearly take their coffee making seriously. The place still manages to feel welcoming and accessible.

I can’t opine on the food as I haven’t yet eaten here, but the menu looks very interesting and friends who live in TP tell me it’s excellent.

Takoma Bev Co
6917 Laurel Ave, Takoma Park, MD

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  1. Wanted to add that I popped in for brunch today and the shakshuka was, what’s the right term, amazeballs.

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