It’s odd sometimes, the little details that will catch your attention. And because they are just a bit off or ring false, they strike a nerve and you blow them out of proportion. One example for me comes from Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


The show is edited with a lot of cuts to break up segments, with shots of the car in question, passing scenery, and when the guest and Jerry are in the cafe, stylized shots of food and coffee being made and presented. These short takes are beautifully shot with soothing, smooth jazz playing underneath.

The item that sticks in my proverbial claw is these shots sometimes include gorgeous closeups of espresso drinks being made, including the drip of the coffee from a portafiller to the cup, and steamed milk being poured in to make lovely latte art. The right frame of pictures in the promo item above is one example.

Maybe I’ve missed it, but I’ve never seen an episode where anyone drinks espresso drinks.  If they drink coffee, it’s drip coffee.  And to boot, the clip is almost always clearly not shot in the coffee shop/diner/restaurant where the episode is set.

Verisimilitude is a word I was trying to work through here but failed.

I apologize for this little rant, but I am proud to have gotten through it without sneaking in a single Seinfeld reference.

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