mini-review: Ozo Coffee Company (Pearl St)

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A long-time staple of the coffee scene in Boulder, the beautiful college town 30 miles away from Denver, Ozo operates 4 outlets which include this cafe on the main retail and restaurant street downtown.

Loved this place.  A big, warm, bright cafe, and some of the friendliest baristas you’ll ever find. The person taking my order asked which of the two espresso roasts they were serving that day would suit my fancy.  When I left it up to her, she was very eager to give me the best one.  I also enjoyed a good discussion with her colleague who made my drink.  This place made me feel that my guest experience was their top priority, which is awesome.

The drink itself was superb. Balanced flavor, smooth finish, just plain delicious. I would have gladly ordered another if I’d had time, caffeine overload be damned.

Ozo Coffee Company

1015 Pearl Street, Boulder
two other locations in Boulder, on S. Flatiron Ct (roastery and cafe) and Arapahoe Ave, and one in Longmont, CO

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