mini-review: Corvus Coffee Roasters (S. Broadway)

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A bit of a hike from downtown, on a busy street in south Denver that feels part industrial, part suburban commercial sprawl, part hipster bait gentrification zone, you’ll find the roastery and cafe of Corvus Coffee Roasters, known as one of the finest roasting houses in the area and my choice for Denver’s finest coffee house.

From the outside it looks like nothing exceptional, with a big parking lot, a patio at the door, and a big sign announcing the destination.  It’s easy enough out here to imagine the place as the site of a fast casual family restaurant (though Applebees might find the black and white color scheme a bit risqué).

Come inside, and you’re greeted by a big U-shaped coffee counter.  On the back side of the counter is plenty of seating, and the roasting area.  Another spot with an industrial feel, but done in a way that feels warm and welcoming (no garage door here, though). Your drink is made in a sleek, black Synesso MVP Hydra machine, a real beauty.

My macchiato was fantastic.  So many layers of flavor, finished off dry but neither chalky nor mouth puckering.  Drinking this just made me very, very happy.  What more could you ask for?

It was a tough decision picking my favorite coffee from my Denver trip, but what set Corvus above some stout competition was the people.  Everyone who walked in the door during my visit was greeted warmly, and the baristas were interested in talking with them.  I had a great conversation, was asked how I wanted my drink prepared, and was made to feel very welcome.  I’d be glad to come back again to see these fine folks.

Corvus Coffee Roasters
1740 S. Broadway
also at 4925 S. Newport, in the Denver Tech Center

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