mini-review: ink! Coffee (16th Street Mall)

See my Denver field report

A local chain founded in Aspen in 1994, it feels a little more corporate than indie. This location was bright and airy, if a bit sterile. The barista was friendly enough but didn’t seem to have any level of expertise.  A Rancilio machine is used to make your espresso.

So if the experience was a solid meh to meh plus, what about the coffee?

I was left with the feeling that this is what a Starbucks macchiato would taste like if the roaster was turned off in the nick of time.  Some strong hints of overroast at first, but then a decent amount of flavor breaks through. A little more milk foam than I would prefer, but not the thick meringue-like collar you get from you know who. Finish is a touch chalky but not too dry.

I’d be perfectly happy to have this as my basic everyday cafe, so long as I could get my hands on better stuff from time to time.

ink! Coffee

618 16th Street, Denver
15 other locations in metro Denver and Aspen

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