mini-review: Colony Club

I ran out of beans for making coffee at home over the Thanksgiving holiday. The last batch I went through was the seasonal OtoƱo blend from Intelligentsia, a big, bold monster with tons of flavor that produced a lot of crema. This time I wanted to get something from Heart, a terrific roaster from Portland, OR, which has become my favorite.

Not a lot of shops in the DC area carry Heart’s beans, but I knew of one which I had been meaning to try out, Colony Club in the Park View neighborhood in Washington. I had stopped in once before, but if was just after 5pm, when they stop serving coffee for the day and switch over completely to being a bar.

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mea culpa

Let me apologize that I haven’t posted in a while. I started a new full-time job in September and it’s been keeping me very busy; other than missing my previous mornings of leisure, I absolutely love it.

But the title of this post isn’t for ghosting my blogging duties, but for a bit of foolishness on my part which kept me from enjoying great coffee. Let me explain.

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