update: Car Wash Coffee

update 5/30/2021: permanently closed

It’s been a little over a year since my friend Rachel and I visited Car Wash Coffee in Kensington, MD. I just added the coveted Asterisk of Quality (I just made that up, I think it has legs) to Car Wash in my guide, because in the times I’ve visited since it’s improved.

  • baristas performing at a higher level, including milk art
  • more variety and quality in food, both to eat in and to go
  • more use of their logo, car-themed decorations, and running videos of a car wash in operation on the big-ass tv, all of which serves to tie the place better to the its namesake car wash

Still a giant pain to get in and out of when there’s traffic, but it’s always got a good crowd and is definitely the kind of place its town needed. Wishing them continued success.

Coffee Talk: Car Wash Coffee

see my January 2020 update

update 5/30/2021: now permanently closed

Kensington, Maryland, is a small town just outside the Washington, DC Beltway. It’s best known for antique shops, a lovely older section of graceful old Victorian homes, having the misfortune of being one of the first areas hit by the DC Sniper attacks, and getting a lot of car traffic.

If you’re driving through, as many people do every day, on a particularly busy stretch of Connecticut Avenue you’ll find this:

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