guest post: home roasting

Thanks to my friend Charles for sharing his story of roasting coffee beans at home. Interesting read!

Coffee roasting at home; A review of the Fresh Roast SR800.

About 20 years back, I thought roasting my own coffee would be my thing. However, living in South Africa then my options for home roasting equipment were limited. The idea quickly faded due to likely mess, smell, and cost!

For Christmas 2022, I was given a coffee roaster by my wife (bravo to Robyn for encouraging you! – mm). It is a Fresh Roast SR 800. Nothing fancy, but with many good reviews. It is not a barrel type of roaster; no disrespect to it, but think of a multi-heat level hair dryer blowing up into a cylinder. 

Here is my short review and perspectives on roasting at home.

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guest post: Heidi’s Coffee Journey

My friend and high school classmate Heidi is one of the most interesting people I know. Former professional athlete, brilliant academic, successful entrepreneur, and someone who makes a real difference in her community. She’s also opinionated and not shy about it, which makes her a perfect candidate for a guest post. I’m happy to give over this space for Heidi to share her story of how she came to love coffee, and how she’s still exploring new coffee boundaries.

When I began to think about what to write in my guest coffee blog post, I realized that the thing I love most about coffee is that I most associate it with rare, reflective “me time.”  When I wake, it is the first thing on my mind – the smell, the taste, the quiet time to start my day.

My name is Heidi, and I am a coffee lover. I drink it black and I drink it strong. That can go bad fast when you end up with a cup of gas station gunk.

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guest mini-review: Amargosa Café

Ed: This review is written by my friend Rachel Hayden, whom you may remember from our recent gambol at Car Wash Coffee. Hope you enjoy a different voice.

On our way from Las Vegas to Death Valley on a recent weekend, my husband and I accidentally discovered the Amargosa Café at a crossroads that looks a little like a ghost town.  Originally built as an outpost for the Pacific Coast Borax Company, the Amargosa now hosts a small, funky hotel, an opera house, and the café. We actually thought the buildings were abandoned, but we got nosy and decided to poke around.  Happily, our curiosity was rewarded with a delicious breakfast and coffee worthy of a mention on this prestigious blog. And, luckily, it happened to be a Friday because the Amargosa is only opened Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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