finally, outstanding coffee near work

Since my friend Sami no longer has his coffee cart parked around the corner, I’ve continued to search for a terrific cup of coffee within an easy stroll of work. And now I’ve got one.

Tigerella, a new restaurant/café from DC’s Elle restaurant, has opened at the Western Market building on Pennsylvania Avenue NW. I haven’t been to Elle as getting a reservation is next to impossible, and I haven’t been in the neighborhood during the day to visit the coffee window.

When Western Market first started its renovation I had my fingers crossed that we’d get decent coffee there, and I’ve been waiting hopefully ever since it was announced that Elle was taking a spot. Tigerella finally opened the coffee shop part of the operation this week, and the wait was definitely worth it.

Spectacular coffee made on a gorgeous Slayer machine, with wave after wave of bold flavor. A small selection of baked goods and other foods, my chocolate-cherry panescone was fantastic and the other available items looked really good. The restaurant section should get going in a few weeks, featuring pizzas and pastas. Limited seating is available in the café, but there are also a few tables out on the sidewalk and plenty of seating in the food court area of the Market.

2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC
inside Western Market

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