say hello to my little friend

This is Eddie.

photo: Fellow website

I’d been thinking about finding an affordable way to improve my home gear to make better coffee. For me, ‘affordable’ would not mean splashing out north of $1,700 for a Rocket Appartamento, even if it’s gorgeous and Gail from Seattle Coffee and my buddy Dillon each have one.

I was browsing through the Fellow Products website with that idea in the back of my mind when I came across the Eddie pitcher. Hmm, maybe it wouldn’t make a big difference in taste, but it would be nice to up my milk art game. Also very convenient to have a bigger pitcher than my stock Breville, for those times I make two or three coffees at a time for me and the fam.

I put it on my Christmas list, and sure enough I found the 12 oz steel version under the tree. And I’m so happy I did.

As you’ll see on the product page, Fellow claims all kinds of design innovations make this pitcher a champ. I have no idea if that’s true or just marketing nonsense, but I do feel I’m making better pours. The weight is just right, it holds more milk without being too big, the handle just feels perfect in your hand.

Perhaps I’m just doing better because the pitcher gives me more confidence. Whatever the case may be, I’m very glad to have Eddie around.

The Eddie isn’t cheap at a starting point of $35, but it’s a nice investment for the home barista that pays off.

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