going back in time

On vacation at the beach with my family this week. Nearest good coffee shop is 45 minutes away. Certainly not packing up the home espresso machine for the week. Don’t have any Counter Culture singles. So it’s back to making coffee a way I haven’t used regularly in three years or so, the AeroPress.

Before we came I popped into Northside Social to get a couple bags of Counter Culture beans for the week, and had them ground them to AeroPress specs. Being a rental house kitchen, in addition to the usual absence of knives that would cut anything more than a soft stick of butter, there’s no kettle. So I’m making a mess pouring from a saucepan. Otherwise it’s working well. I’m using the inversion method (though not weighing or being fussy about it), and getting a small cup of very strong black coffee each time that has a ton of flavor.

It’s been a good substitute, if not quite the same as espresso. I wish I had through ahead to order a Fellow Prismo attachment to see if it makes a difference.

Great week so far. We’re on a thin stretch of land at the Delaware beaches with the Atlantic on one side of the road, and our house on the other, backing up to Little Assawoman Bay.* Gorgeous sunsets, lots of birds around. Good times!

osprey nest on a platform, they’re immense

*a friend asked how to pronounce this; the correct answer, of course, is very carefully

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  1. I knew you’d find a way to have good coffee at the beach!

    I hope y’all are having a peaceful and relaxing trip.

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