survival instincts

I’m at an industry conference in the convention center of a large hotel/resort in central Florida. Long days of programming that I’m enjoying, but no access to coffee other than an on-site outlet of the evil empire and urns of questionable industrial drip coffee. Not ideal for an espresso addicted coffee snob.

Here’s how I’m making it through:

  • brought my Aeropress, hand grinder, KeepCup, a couple of really small Tupperware containers and enough coffee beans
  • grind up two batches of coffee before I leave my room in the morning, toss everything in my backpack
  • find a quiet spot during the day at the convention and make myself a coffee

The benefit of being in a big, busy convention is being able to find a quiet corner and the place is so crowded that (hopefully) no one notices the weirdo. 🤞

First try was using the hot water spout of a water cooler and milk from a coffee stand in the convention hall. Good for the coffee prep but the milk didn’t help.

Second attempt was more successful and has become the model, getting a cup of steamed milk (what SB’s calls a “steamer,” which sounds a little naughty) and cup of hot water from Starbucks. Similar to earlier hijinks, but not quite as bold as I’m not doing it in the shop. Has worked pretty well. And when the line at the Bucks is too long, sneaking in the back end to get just a cup of hot water works and I survive without the milk.

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