not just a name change

image from Partners Coffee, via Sprudge

Interesting news via Sprudge, as Toby’s Estate Brooklyn, a well-regarded craft roaster and cafe operator, rebrands itself at Partners Coffee Roasters.

What really caught my attention is that the move is driven from a desire to shift the business’ DNA from Australia to Brooklyn.

[T]he name Toby’s Estate originated from an Australian heritage that the team no longer identifies with, and the current muted, minimalist aesthetic no longer resonates with their dynamic, warm and unfussy brand ethos.

The move further distances the company from its Australian parent, and seeks to cement its identity in New York. Further expansion from the current four cafes appears to be in the near future.

While my Australian friends may take offense (particularly at the implication that their beloved coffee shops are fussy), it probably makes sense that Brooklyn pride will play better in New York, where Australia’s coffee reputation might not be as well known. Also differentiates them from Bluestone Lane, which is also based in the city that doesn’t sleep and has positioned itself as inspired by the coffee culture down under.

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